Our Story

In 1994 Blue Spruce Cleaners opened its doors in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Initially opened by local entrepreneur and former Mayor, Mark Barron, he was joined by his daughter, Mary Barron Geick, in 2005. In the last 25 years, Blue Spruce Cleaners has grown an impressive amount, all the while managing to decrease their negative impact on the natural world. How? They recognize the importance of the environment, both to their customers and to themselves and have made countless changes in both policy and practice over the years to minimize their impact on it.

As Mary puts it, “Blue Spruce Cleaners operates with a  commitment to provide the very best care for our customers and their personal items while limiting our effects on the beautiful environment we live in… My dad, our staff and I operate Blue Spruce Cleaners in a way that maintains our environmental integrity so that our customers can always feel comfortable with our dry cleaning and laundry services.”

GreenEarth Cleaning

Blue Spruce Cleaners uses a silicone-based solvent that does not pollute our soil, water or air. This is possible because liquid silicone degrades into ‘natural’ compounds- sand (SiO2), water and carbon dioxide- that when added to a system have little to no environmental impacts.

Not only great for the environment, the GreenEarth Cleaning method is great for your clothes, too! Liquid silicone has a low surface tension allowing it to penetrate deep between the smallest fibers in your clothing and truly get the dirt out. Also, chemically inert, it does not react with dyes or materials found in your garments, dramatically increasing their lifespan (another environmental success!). When you leave Blue Spruce Cleaners you can be confident that your clothes were cleaned at the highest standard, good for the garment and good for the environment.

Operating on 100% Renewable Energy

Thanks to Energy Conservation Works and Lower Valley Energy’s Green Power Program, Blue Spruce Cleaners is able to run their business on 100% Green power sourced from Horse Butte Wind Farm, just outside of Idaho Falls. Meaning all of the energy they used is carbon neutral and regionally produced.

By doing so, Blue Spruce Cleaners is supporting the development of local, renewable energy sources. Not only does this lead to a decrease in the burning of fossil fuels, but, renewable energy development can also lead to jobs and long-term energy security. Blue Spruce Cleaners’ business may be dry cleaning, but with the Green Power Program, they are doing their part in the fight against climate change.

Energy and Water Efficiency

Blue Spruce Cleaners recognizes that while using renewable energy is environmentally responsible, the most sustainable kilowatt-hour is the one never used. That is why in 2009 they converted all of their light fixtures to LED, thus using roughly 75% less energy on lighting their spaces. More recently, they have installed efficient washer-extractors. This upgrade has not only decreased their power use but also has reduced their water intake by half!

Decreased Waste Stream

For years Blue Spruce Cleaners has been using Green Garment bags, meaning when you pick up your laundry, rather than it being put into a plastic wrapper they will supply you with a reusable bag for you to use again and again. The same is offered for pants and sweaters, folded nicely in a provided reusable bag. Of course for both of these options, you are welcome to supply your own. And if for some reason you do need to wrap your garment in plastic, they’ve still got you and the planet covered! Blue Spruce Cleaners has purchased an automatic bagger, that custom cuts your plastic to fit the item while using as little plastic as possible.

Lastly, to encourage recycling, you will find three bins in front of their storefront- paper, plastic, and hangers. All you need to do is remember to bring them with you.