Time is not always on our schedule’s side!

So Blue Spruce Cleaners will clean and press any of your clothes the SAME DAY or the NEXT DAY, upon your request. Please have any rush items in by 10am in order to receive that same day at 4pm. Any next day rushes may be brought into the store any time the day prior.

Delivery and Pick-up Service

At Blue Spruce Cleaners we understand how precious your time is, and going to the dry cleaners is not the preferred way to spend your time. We want to help you have more time to do the things you really enjoy, so we have established a delivery and pick up service that will visit private homes all over the valley, as well as your place of business – whichever is most convenient for you. If you are interested in freeing up your time, give Blue Spruce Cleaners a call at 307.734.0424, or request a pick-up here on the website.

Repairs, Alterations and Tailoring

Blue Spruce Cleaners’alterations department is able to custom tailor your suits and dresses for all of your special occasions and events, in addition to the more simple alterations and repairs you may need. We work on items on a first come, first serve basis, so don’t wait to bring your items in!

Convenient and Personalized Service

In order to ensure that you get the personalized service that you deserve, we want to know whether you like creases in your pants, whether starch is a preference for your shirts, whether you would like to have any items folded, and any other special instructions there may be for any given garment. Your personal requests and instructions are saved in your customer file so that your visit to Blue Spruce Cleaners can be as convenient and hassle free as possible.

Wedding Preservation

Your wedding day is a very momentous occasion, and many brides choose to have their wedding gowns preserved in order to protect them from damage caused by contact with air, light, bugs and any soils or oils it could come into contact with. Blue Spruce Cleaners can preserve your gown after your big day, as well as any other precious garments you may chose to protect such as Christening gowns and family heirlooms.

Water Repellent

Whether you live in the valley of Jackson Hole, or you are visiting, chances are you will be involved with water – whether on the snow or on the river. Blue Spruce Cleaners is glad to help you protect your play gear as well as your play clothes from the dampening effects of water. We offer water repellent on anything you may choose to give a bit more water protection to. Simply ask the customer service personnel and we will be sure to water repel your items so you can fully enjoy Jackson’s great outdoors without any worries!


Those pesky little buttons! We know how easy buttons fall off, or tend to crack and break. At Blue Spruce Cleaners, we will replace any damaged or missing buttons, free of charge, with the best possible button. If you notice any damaged or missing buttons when dropping your garments off, please let us know, otherwise we will try to catch them on their way back to you.

Household Items

Blue Spruce Cleaners can launder or dry clean and press all of your household items. We can clean your down comforters, down beds, as well as your down sleeping bags. Sheets and other bedding are a snap, rugs – no problem, and we can help your table linens look their very best for your next dinner party. Any cleaning, whether laundry, dry cleaning or at home can cause slight color changes whether it is from the dye, or simply from removing dirt, so we advise anyone with matching sets of linens or cushion covers to bring in the entire set at the same time in order to prevent any slight color changes that may occur from being noticeable.

Professional Leather Cleaning

Living in the “Wild West” practically requires that you have at least one leather garment in your wardrobe. As attractive and durable as leather clothing is, it collects stains and dirt very well, and it is not as easy to clean as your other garments. At Blue Spruce Cleaners we understand the need to keep your leather garments looking as soft and clean as possible, so we have arranged to have them cleaned by professional leather cleaners in Seattle, Washington. Simply bring in your leather items, and we will send them to Leather Care for you. Please allow three weeks for your items to be cleaned and returned to Blue Spruce Cleaners.